actress “Blame it on the stars” is arrested in the US

She is known for environmental activism. At the time of arrest, Shailene protested against the construction of a pipeline.
12/10/2016 10h55 - Updated 12/10/2016 10h56
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Shailene Woodley The actress was arrested in North Dakota, US us, on Monday (10), when it is protesting against the construction of a pipeline that Native Americans say they will desecrate sacred ground and pollute the water, an incident filmed live.

A Morton County Sheriff's Office spokesman confirmed that the actress 24 years, which acts in the film "Snowden", He was arrested at the demonstration.

Shailene Woodley is seen recounting the arrest itself in a video posted on his Facebook page, saying she was returning peacefully to their vehicle when "they grabbed me by the jacket and said I could not go, and they have giant weapons, batons and are not letting me go ".

no video, You can hear a policeman telling the actress that she was being arrested for trespassing.

As he was taken handcuffed, the actress said in the video that she was one of hundreds of protesters, but it had been chosen "because I am known, because I have 40 thousand people watching ".

The actress, which is known for environmental activism, He has participated in protests against construction of the project 3,7 billions of dollars.


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