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Barack Obama reaffirms trip to Mars 2030

this goal, established by Barack Obama, in 2010, It was reiterated in an article published yesterday by President.
Photo: reproduction
Photo: reproduction

The next chapter of US history in space exploration will focus on sending a manned mission to Mars in the early 2030. this goal, established by Barack Obama, in 2010, It was reiterated in an article published yesterday by the president on the CNN website.

"We have established a clear objective, vital to the next chapter of American history in space: send humans to Mars in the early 2030 and bring them back to Earth safely, with the ultimate goal of a day there to stay for a longer time ", wrote.

second Obama, reach Mars will require continued cooperation between government and the private sector innovative. "We are already on this path. The next two years, private companies send astronauts for the first time the International Space Station ", said the president.

Article, Obama recalled that one of his first actions as president was to promise to put "science back to its rightful place" and, in the first months of government, its management has made the largest investment in basic research in the history of country, to reinvigorate the space program, in order to "further explore the Solar System and look at the universe more deeply than ever". "Revitalized technological innovation at NASA, We expand the action in the International Space Station and help American businesses create jobs in the private sector, capitalizing on the untapped potential of the space industry. "

By highlighting that the space program is costing less and less to American taxpayers, thanks to private partnerships, Obama listed several scientific achievements made over the past year - including the discovery of flowing water on Mars and ice on a moon of Jupiter. The information is the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo.

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