Brazilian Cadet Female Handball closes with tetra Pinheiros / SP in the Arena Amadeu Teixeira, In Manaus

The Pines (SP) won fourth straight title by beating countryman Mesc (SP) by 28 a 22.
13/10/2016 08h03 - Updated 13/10/2016 08h03
Photo: Mauro Neto / Sejel

Changed the city, O “stage”, but not the champion. edition 2016 Cadet Brazilian Championship of Handball – first held in Manaus – He ended with an old acquaintance lifting the cup. The Pines (SP) won fourth straight title by beating countryman Mesc (SP) by 28 a 22.

Supported by the Amazonas Government through the Secretariat of State for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel), tetra the Sao Paulo team came unbeaten by beating the teams of São Bernardo / Methodist (SP), ATHB/Hand Torres (RS), ACVHB / Coopercamp / Green Field (MT) Portuguese and / AESO (ON).

In the classic clubs from São Paulo, Pinheiros know how to manage the pressure of rivals. The first time, Mesc the domain was overcome by the efficiency and the claw, until then, tricampeãs. The scoreboard 11 a 8 He showed the grip of the first half.

With focus and determination, the second time was not difficult for "pinheirinhas". Concentrated and abusing qualities bids, the girls were able to close the score 28 a 22.

"It was a very difficult year. We had a lot of injuries, We missed an athlete with a knee injury that was in São Paulo, our goalkeeper fractured finger. These girls have excelled and showed a quality handball. I feel very happy and proud of the work done ", He said the coach owns the four titles in a row, Carla Antonucci.

Best Match athlete, the goalkeeper champion, Shame, We had a double feast. Overcoming by playing with the bandaged hand was crowned with the award for best game Athlete.

"It was an evolution in the whole championship. I did not start well and the technical charged me a lot and gave my best, the group helped a lot and got the gold. I was half afraid because of my hand, but I play and that's what matters ", celebrated goalkeeper.

First time in the final and deciding a title away from home, the Mesc failed to break the hegemony of rival. "The last time we participate in third, in 2014. The Pines is a team we know, always we face in the Paulista championship. Today, our team has ups and downs. We knew that if we had no efficient attack some things would not flow. The Pinheiros team is worthy and is now continuing the work ", He declared the runner-up technique, Jaqueline Silva.

Portuguese / AESO gets the bronze

female Brazilian Champion 2015 and the Brazil Cup 2016, both in the Arena Amadeu, the Portuguese / AESO team failed to repeat the performance of adult women's team and took the bronze of the competition.

Considered as an amulet, this time the Arena Amadeu was not as generous with the Pernambuco and booked the Pines champion in the semis. Without forgetting the tight defeat and turn, by 25 a 24, Portuguese girls the / AESO decided third place against ATHB / Hand Torres (RS). The victory 29 a 15 He served as a consolation for the team Pernambucano.

"I think I lacked a bit of claw, concentration and calmer. We opened three balls and let them (Pine tree) get close and turn the match. But today was a new game. As much as we wanted to make the final we focus to stay on the podium and win the third place ", He explained Fernanda Lima, which acts as tip, half and central Portuguese / AESO.

Rio Negro seventh

Invited by Liham and the Brazilian Handball Confederation (CBHb) the Black River team, which had the support of players from different teams of Amazonas, She got the seventh place. In the contest for fifth place, the girls the ACVHB / Coopercamp / Green Field (MT) They won tight Methodist / São Bernardo (SP) by 24 a 20.

"We are very happy for this achievement. We had great desire to hold a large event. We were blessed with great teams here in Manaus. We're in the finals of the Championship Amazonense, we have two teams in the female and male national league, then we are irradiating, cheerful and happy ", He explained the president of Amazonas Handball League (letter), Jeferson Oliveira.

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