Amazon schools cameras will help identify electoral crimes

The intention is to diagnose, inhibit and punish people who dismiss the so-called saints within the schools and the surrounding area.
01/10/2016 14h49 - Updated 3/10/2016 16h19
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The monitoring of polling stations in Manaus has been strengthened to curb electoral and environmental crimes in the election Sunday (2). altogether, are 1,2 thousand polling stations in the capital of Amazonas, involving more than 430 municipal and state public schools.

The details of the work of the Coordination of Supervision of the Election of the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas Propaganda (TRE-AM) They were released on Friday (30). The intention, according to election judge Careen Aguiar Fernandes, it is to diagnose, inhibit and punish people who dismiss the so-called saints within the schools and the surrounding area, including this eve of election.

"In this election specifically, we will be much more rigged through this partnership with the monitoring of schools, in addition to the cameras of the Public Security Secretariat. We will also have the schools themselves cameras that will give us new images and that will be used in all spheres, so to inhibit this illegal activity and to punish those responsible for it ", said Judge.

To the superintendent of the Federal Police in Amazonas, Marcelo Rezende, the use of schools camera images will facilitate the research work. "It is a direct identification. Investigative point of view, It is an incredible breakthrough. The effort will be to identify the author because the fact alone, the image itself, already gives us the materiality criminal offense. In short, It facilitates the work of the investigative body both in the investigation of the investigation and in the analysis for the drafting of a blatant ", afimou Rezende.

Who is caught committing electoral crimes potentially offensive, as illegal transportation of voters and vote buying, It will be forwarded to the Superintendency of PF. In cases of crimes of lesser offensive potential, as exit polls and disorder, the person will be brought to a special election court.

The Amazon TRE also released the ranking of Electoral Green Seal, an unprecedented initiative of the Environmental Core body, recognizes that the parties who have committed aggression against the environment during the campaign, as stated by the alternate court judge, Paul Feitoza.

"In general, this made notification is suggestive of an infringement. Or party, candidate or coalition has a deadline to remove the irregular advertising. From there, se a propaganda for mantida, besides the fine in, it will be compulsory withdrawal. But we've won all these steps. We are in a stage that is now counting the parties that were reported less. And we have a list of parties that were not even notified once ", added Feitoza.

Till Friday, the Amazon TRE posted 461 parties notifications irregular advertising. The 36 acronym, only six did not commit aggression against the environment.

Source: Agency Brazil

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