Candidate for mayor of Anamã, Raimundo Chico, It is ineligible and out of elections

The TRE-AM rejecting Raimundo application last night, day 30.
01/10/2016 18h28 - Updated 1/10/2016 18h28
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The candidate for mayor of Anamã (distant 165 kilometers from Manaus), Raimundo Chico (PMDB), It had rejected the application log on the night of Friday (30), the judges of the Regional Electoral Court (TRE-AM). The candidate may not stand for election and the votes to get the polls on election day will be reset.

The vote of Judge Abraham Peixoto Campos Children was the sense of "in harmony with the ministerial opinion released in session, the success of the appeal, for, reforming the contested decision, refuse the registration of the majority coalition plate 'Anamã Deserves Respect', candidate's ineligibility reason the mayor RAIMUNDO PINHEIRO DA SILVA (RAIMUNDO CHICÓ)”, says the vote of the rapporteur.

In the decision will be Raimundo Chicó of appeal with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE). coalition of lawyers "Anamã Deserves Respect" they have said they will enter an appeal against the decision by the TSE. If reform of the TSE to TRE-AM decision, the votes received by Chicó will be validated.

The coalition "United We Are Strong", the current deputy mayor of Anamã, Esmeralda Moura (PROS), and current candidate for mayor, He was the one who asked the TRE to revoke the application registration Raimundo Chicó.

The claim is that Chicó has the account 2009 deemed disapproved by the Court of the State (TCE) and the Municipality of Anamã, and it is ineligible according to a new understanding of the Federal High Court (STF).

Raimundo Chicó was candidate for mayor of Anamã elected in 2008 and impeached by TRE-AM in 16 November 2010 for abuse of economic power and practice of slush funds in election 2008. In this ocasion, Raimundo Chicó had to immediately leave the city and the Electoral Court called by-elections. IN 2009 TCE-AM judged irregular the then mayor of city accounts.

Check out the decision of Judge Abraham Peixoto Campos Children

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