Applicants can already see evidence of local Enem 2016

Access to the registration confirmation card was released today (19) and is available online and also in Enem application.
19/10/2016 14h37 - Updated 19/10/2016 14h37

Candidates of the National Examination of Secondary Education (one) 2016 You can already see where the evidence will, marked for days 5 e 6 from November. Access to the registration confirmation card was released today (19), 15h, and is available online and also in Enem application, the Android platform, iOS e Windows Phone.

To avoid the already famous delays, the recommendation is that the candidates make their way home to the examination room before the exam date to know the path and avoid pitfalls. On the day of the race, the guidance is to arrive in advance to the local - the gates open one hour before the examination starts.

The confirmation card, addition site, date and test time, It brings the student registration number, the foreign language option and, When it's the case, the indication of specialized and specific care and high school certification request.

To get the card, the participant must access the Enem site in the area for the participant. It is required for CPF and password.

one 2016
More of 8,6 million candidates enrolled in Enem this year. In the two-day trial, the gates will open at 12pm and closed at 13h, GMT. Students beware when daylight saving time and check on the locality where the exact time of the examination. The tests begin to be applied to 13h30.

On the first day, They will be held the evidence of humanities and natural sciences, lasting four and a half hours. In the second day, participants will have five hours to solve issues of languages ​​and codes, writing and mathematics.

Note the Enem is used in the selection for vacancies in public institutions, through the Unified Selection System (content); scholarships in private higher education, the University for All Program (ProUni); besides being a requirement for receiving the benefit of the Student Financing Fund (Fies). For more people 18 years, Enem can be used as a high school certification.

Source: Agency Brazil

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