Capricious bet on the theme "The Poetics of Imagination Caboclo" for the title 2017

Announcement was made late on Tuesday, 04, for press and guests, the School of Capricious Ox Art in Parintins.
05/10/2016 15h06 - Updated 5/10/2016 15h06
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transcendence, dynamic shows, the musical elements, scenic and choreographic. These factors were source of inspiration for the composition of "The Poetics of Imagination Caboclo", Boi Bumba Capricious theme for the Parintins Festival in the year 2017. The theme of the announcement was made during an event held late on Tuesday, 04, in Art Escolinha Brother Miguel de Pacalle, in Parintins.

The moment was marked by a mystical celebration, involving theatrical elements exalting the design of a dramaturgical line, the imaginary mestizo in the form of poetry, the legendary universe and mythical, that makes Amazon a kind of Olympus underwater, where they live the charms of indigenous mestizo world.

For the Arts Council coordinator, Ericky Nakanome, the theme is the result of much research and recycling. "The Capricious is committed to strengthening the Festival, with its growth and redemption of its position among the most popular parties in Brazil. Like this, we understand that the ox-bumbá culture, woven into the relationship between man and nature, It is reinvented in art and folklore ", strengthens.

In the view of the President of Capricious, nanny Tupinambá, the theme of the ad is the initial tip foot of a great work for the Folk Festival 2017. "We trust our directors and bet that this issue will bring victory to our Capricious. From now on, It is to join forces and devote their best to achieve this arena project ", assures.

the event was attended by members of the press Parintins, invited the Executive Board and other members of the Arts Council, Chico Cardoso, Socorrinha Carvalho, Juarez Lima, Simão Assayag e Ronaldo Barbosa, and Godmother Ox Capricious, Odnéia Andrade.

New items official

With the farewell Waldir Santana, pajé ago 30 years, and Azevedo Marquinho, Ox Tripe ago 26 years, President Nanny Tupinambá announced late on Tuesday the new official items Boi Bumba Capricious. For item 12, witchdoctor, Simoes Neto takes and how Tripa, responsible for item 10 Boi Bumba evolution, Alexandre Azevedo.

Neto Simões has experience with Pajé item to perform in unofficial events, as well as Alexandre Azevedo, son gut Marquinho Azevedo, which for years is presented in bumbá events and has experience in the arena Bumbódromo.

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