Fortuneteller is arrested for stealing victims during tarot services and esoteric games

Nathalie Tairovich, the Gypsy, already answered five processes because of the same crime from 2004.
17/10/2016 16h22 - Updated 17/10/2016 16h22
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The Civil Police of Amazonas, by the research team of the 1st Integrated District Police (DIP), arrested early on Monday (17), por volta the 10h, Nathalie Tairovich, 48, known as "Gypsy", the crime of theft by fraud. According to the servers in the crowded police unit, the offending longer responds to processes for embezzlement and, lately, It would be conducting thefts customers who sought for clairvoyance service in city center, area south of the city.

Fernanda Antonucci, Delegate do 1 DIP, He said Nathalie was arrested in the police station premises, in compliance with the arrest warrant issued last Saturday, day 15, the judge of the Criminal Duty, Mirza Telma Cunha de Oliveira. According to the police authority, some victims sought the 1st DIP staff to formalize the complaints against "Gypsy". Customers argued that the woman asked that they put valuables in a white cloth, that was duplicated, and then fled with belongings.

"She requested objects like money, mobile phones and watches victims. Later she asked customers to close their eyes. Then, Nathalie said random words and implored religious entities to duplicate what was inside the cloth. Taking advantage of the distraction of the victims, the offending changed the cloth on the other full of papers. Then it involved people in a conversation and directed to open his eyes after 30 minutes, time she took advantage to flee the scene with the belongings of the victims ", said Antonucci.

As the police authority, the victims went to the police station and pointed out the place where "Gypsy" applied the blows. police officers of the 1st DIP went to the address and approached the woman. "Last Friday, day 14, Nathalie was conducted to the police station to provide information on the thefts. Then, she was released. The woman was intimidated to return today to the police station building. When she arrived at the scene we fulfill the arrest warrant in her name ", disse a delegada do 1º DIP.

Nathalie was charged with theft by fraud. At the end of legal proceedings in the police unit building, she was referred to the Provisional Detention Center Female (CDPF), which will be available to the Justice.

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