Couple arrested for trying to burn down teenager with gasoline in the AM

The accused were identified by the act and arrested, and the main accused was the victim's aunt.
15/10/2016 14h02 - Updated 15/10/2016 14h02
Photo: disclosure

Lenice Lorenzo de Oliveira, 27 and his likely fellow Paulo Lima da Costa, 18 with visible signs of intoxication would have thrown petrol on a girl 14 years and then fired. After denouncing the couple was arrested early on Friday (14). The teenager had the identity preserved as the Statute of Children.

The police team immediately moved to the location reported in the complaint to ascertain the fact and found that the girl had suffered a serious injury by fire, It is immediately taken for emergency medical care at the regional hospital.

During the steps, the accused for the act were identified and arrested, and the main accused was the victim's aunt. The girl and other minors living at the same address of offenders are under the responsibility of the Guardian Council of the municipality.

Source: AM POST Writing

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