basket of Manaus remains stable in September, points Dieese

O Rice (8,24%) It was the product that had higher high followed by milk (5,39%).
06/10/2016 16h30 - Updated 6/10/2016 16h30
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The cost of the basic basket in Manaus remained virtually unchanged in September compared to August this year. According to the survey of the Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (Diesse), released on Thursday (6), the basket comprising 12 products at a cost of R $ 401,4.

With slight drop basket value, Manaus now occupies the 16th place in the ranking of baskets, among the capital which is held.

The price of the basket of Manaus was down -0,01% for the month of August. In the previous month the set of essential food items cost R $ 401,50. In September 2015 the basic food basket cost $ 335,73.

In the capital of Amazonas, seven products had a high-five fell in their prices in the analyzed month, influencing the total cost of it that was (-0,01%) cheaper in the month.

O rice (8,24%) was the product with the highest high in the month followed by milk (5,39%), bean (3,10%), do café (2,86%), meat (2,37%), sugar (2,07%) and butter (0,76%). The oil (-5,90%) It was the product with the highest fall in the month followed by banana (-5,45%), tomato (-3,52%), flour (-2,30%), bread (-0,13%).

Basic food costs $ 1.204,32

The cost of basic food to sustain a family of four (two adults and two children, and these consume the equivalent of an adult) It was R $ 1.204,32 during the month of September, according to Dieese. This amount is equivalent to approximately 1,37 times the gross minimum wage, fixed by the federal government at $ 880,00. Last month, the cost of basic food basket for this same family was bigger and was R $ 1.204,50, according to the data.

In September, the cost of all basic food basket showed high in 13 cities, in others 14, It was recorded reduction. The largest increases occurred in Brasilia (2,37%), Salvador (1,46%), Fortress (1,42%) and Recife (1,06%). The most significant decreases were observed in Macapa (-5,18%), Goiânia (-4,31%), Campo Grande (-1,95%) and Belo Horizonte (-1,88%).

According to research, the most expensive basket was in Porto Alegre (R$ 477,69), followed by São Paulo (R$ 471,57) it's Brasilia (R$ 461,99). The lowest average values ​​were observed in Christmas (R$ 367,54) and Aracaju (R$ 371,30).

Between January and September 2016, all cities have accumulated high. The most significant increases were observed in Boa Vista (22,02%), Maceio (21,67%) and Salvador (21,54%). Smaller increases occurred in Florianopolis (5,89%), Curitiba (8,45%) and Manaus (9,15%).

Source: G1

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