CMM bar law guaranteeing more security for students

The proposal was intended to install trackers on school transport vehicles.
12/10/2016 09h39 - Updated 12/10/2016 15h42
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The Municipality of Manaus (CMM) He barred on Tuesday morning (11), the processing of the Bill n. 008/2016, authored by Councilman Ednailson Rozenha (PSDB), which required owners of school transport vehicles, regulated by the Manaus City Hall, install tracking for greater security of students.

The councilors of the Legislature approved the opinion contrary to the Constitution Commission, Justice and Writing (CCJR) the proposal, which began to be processed in the CMM in January.

Rozenha said restate the proposal in the form of statement to City Hall, so the idea is resubmitted to the House and retested by parliamentarians.

"Our proposal would meet a great yearning of the population, since it would be a measure that would guarantee more safety to children and adolescents who use the service and own transport drivers and industry entrepreneurs. After several meetings with parents and guardians of children who use the school transport service realized the need to create mechanisms that could help control these vehicles ", He stressed Councilman.

The parliamentarian also said that not only the students would benefit, but the entrepreneurs themselves, because it would help in locating stolen vehicles possibly, and ensure the safety of drivers.

On the proposal

The bill provided that the cost of installation and maintenance of equipment would be the owner own responsibility and after becoming law, the equipment should be installed within 120 days from the rule of law.

"Unfortunately a proposal that would benefit our students was rejected, but we will present again in the form of statement and I hope to have the support of my peers for approval ", concluded Rozenha.

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