With his head shaved Mouhamada Moustafa is transferred to the Adail Pinheiro cell in CPE

The doctor stuck in 'Bad Paths’ I was in the lockup of the Federal Police (PF), in the central-western area of ​​Manaus and was transferred today (14).
14/10/2016 14h47 - Updated 15/10/2016 15h07
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The entrepreneur and doctor, Muhammad Mustafa, arrested in the operation 'Bad Way', who was in the lockup of the Federal Police (PF), in the neighborhood Dom Pedro, Midwest zone of Manaus was transferred to the Command Specialized Policing (CPE) this Friday (14). According to police it will cellmate former mayor of Coari, Adail Pinheiro for lack of other space on the CPE to house more prisoners because the place was not built to be a prison.

In a discreet and quick action, the businessman came to the CPE at 11:25 am, no safety rail, only accompanied by the police who were in a white pickup truck with him. When leaving the vehicle, and escorted by police, or doctor, head down, headed straight for the magazine area and, after, It was sent straight to the cell where he will be arrested.

With a shaved head, Mouhamad, carrying only a backpack. In the car body, what really drew attention was a folded mattress that the entrepreneur took to sleep. According to Lieutenant Colonel Cleitman Rabelo, who coordinates the CPE, there is only permitted personal belongings as some clothing and hygiene materials that are stuck are funded by own.

Muhammad Mustafa, He was arrested on 20 of September, accused by the PF to command a criminal scheme embezzlement of public health in the Amazon, using the new Institute Paths, target of police investigation. The doctor responsible for criminal organization, misrepresentation, peculation, licitatória fraud and money laundering.

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