Late, begins session to decide on PEC voting ceiling Government Temer

At 10 am only 58 of 513 MEPs recorded presence.
10/10/2016 12h27 - Updated 10/10/2016 12h27
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With more than two hours late, We have just started the session of the House that you want to cancel the regimental requirement of two sessions to begin the vote in the first round of the PEC (proposed constitutional amendment) limiting government spending to inflation 12 previous months, the call PEC ceiling. Despite the appeal of President Michel Temer so that Members were on the House at 10 am on Monday (10), only 58 of 513 recorded presence until the time requested by the President of the Republic.

The regiment of the House requires the completion of two sessions of voting on a measure in a special committee - the PEC the vote in committee occurred on Thursday (6) - And the vote in plenary. The government plans, However, tear down this regimental requirement and start voting the PEC on the afternoon of the second (10). this approval, however, You should consume a few hours of the session, which will delay further the beginning of the measure vote itself.

Because it is amendment to the Constitution, a proposal, considered the highest priority of the Planalto Palace to 2016, You need the support of at least 308 of 513 MEPs, Two rounds of voting. It needs to be voted on by the Senate also.

At 10 am this second, the House also held a solemn meeting in honor of Our Lady of Aparecida.


Dinner with about 200 MPs on Sunday evening (9), Temer made a speech calling for parliamentarians to be in plenary at 10am this second to start session. The rush is due to the disposal of the opposition to use all regiment resources to delay the vote, which should lead the session to last for hours.

At the weekend the Mayor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), and the government leader in the House, André Moura (PSC-SE), They had predicted an early time yet for the session, at 9 am.

In the early morning of this second, Maia was not even in the House. He held a breakfast with the President of STJ (Superior Court), Laurita Vaz, other ministers of the court and leaders of ruling parties. Fear and the summit of Congress try to get support in the legal world athesis against the Attorney General's Office that the SGP ceiling is unconstitutional.


The proposed limiting spending to inflation last year lasts 20 years, with the possibility of change in the way to limit spending from the tenth year. The final text provides greater clearance in health and education.

These two areas, spending floor correction to only be worth from 2018, that is, the base year taken into account for the calculation of how much can be spent more will 2017, when it is expected that the cash is higher than in 2016.

Besides that, the report also states that the health floor calculation based on 2017 it will be of 15% of net revenue, and not 13,7%, as provided for the original.A text change will allow a floor of about R $ 113,7 billion in the area next year, that is, R$ 10 billion more than originally planned.

Source: Folha de S.Paulo

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