Consumer Commission ensures combat possible fuel adjustment in Manaus

A Comissão da Câmara Municipal informou também que está atenta às oscilações de preços.
12/10/2016 09h47 - Updated 13/10/2016 08h27
Photo: Robervaldo Rock / CMM

Councilman Álvaro Campelo, President of the Consumer Protection Commission of the City of Manaus (COMDEC), said, on Tuesday (11), in a speech from the rostrum of the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), the fuel price fluctuation, what is happening in Manaus, advertised as promoting the various stations, It can mean an attempt to please the consumer to, at the end of the year, apply a high adjustment.

"If this is an attempt to please the consumer at the moment, there in front to strike, may be advised that COMDEC, along with task force, that has united to combat these abuses, will not allow to happen ", secured.

Álvaro Campelo started his speech reminding that, at the end of the year 2015, the price of gasoline reached cost R $ 4,10 In Manaus, demanding performance of COMDEC and other agencies that make up the task force, through a whole process of discussion with the gas station owners, to seek clarification on the calculation method for setting the value of prices. But, shortly thereafter, without explanation, prices were reduced, previous justifications of businessmen who claimed to have large losses if the adjustment was not practiced.

Today we are following a wave of deals in all corners of the city with prices reaching R $ 3,36. "How is it that, in December last year accused the chase consumer protection agencies to entrepreneurs ", questioned, emphasizing that it is not any of that, but only a serious oversight, to guarantee to the consumer that he pay the price acceptable.

"We are passing the message that these deals will not turn into a subsequent consumer penalty. I insist that we will not allow ", He concluded the president of COMDEC.

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