Compensates embraces Marcelo campaign in large walk through the streets of the West zone

In every house where he passed, Marcelo was received with joy and praise to your campaign.
12/10/2016 19h24 - Updated 12/10/2016 19h24
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"We will transform the neighborhood lacks in the reference in health care in the city of Manaus". The commitment was made yesterday by Manaus Mayor candidate, Marcelo Ramos (PR), to start the walk that ran through the streets of Compensates, West of Manaus, and once again showed that the population embraced Marcelo campaign and Joshua Neto, giving clear signs that the selective administration of Mayor Arthur Neto nothing pleased residents residents near city hall. "Here we have UBS, SPA and Motherhood. Compensa focuses the attention of several adjacent neighborhoods. We will improve these health units valuing public servants and giving them better working conditions so that we can serve the population with quality ", said Marcelo Ramos.

In every house where he passed, Marcelo was received with joy and praise to your campaign. "People have realized the difference in our campaign. While the mayor does not have what to show and make a fantasy TV show, we present the real Manaus: who needs competent management and respects our people. The city had R $ 5 billion left in the budget to do much and lack of management not prioritized attention to the poor and distant neighborhoods. Mayor management is for the richest neighborhoods of Manaus ", said Marcelo Ramos.

"The city has turned its back to our neighborhood. No one here wants to continue watching the city invest in Ponta Negra while Compensates is loose flies. It's a shame that we are next to the UBS Leonor de Freitas and can not care. The city seems to ignore this ", vents Luiz Guedes, resident Oscar Borel Street.

With the presence of the elected councilors of PR, Joana D’Arc. Fred Mota, Sergeant Double Chin and Claudio Proenca, the state representatives David Almeida (PSD) and Carlos Alberto (PRP), Furthermore voted alderman these elections, Joao Luiz (PRP), walking Marcelo Ramos presented the joining of forces of the City Council and the Legislative Assembly in the city's benefit .

"This is the feeling of unity that our campaign shows our population. We will overcome fear with hope. Manaus will grow again with union. The administration of the city have to be made to benefit the people and not for the vanity of the mayor ", said Marcelo.

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