Know who the councilors reelected: Hiram Nicolau

Before becoming vice president of CMM, Hiram came to occupy third place in the ranking of the most absent councilors. Councilman was the second most voted in the elections on Sunday, 2.
04/10/2016 10h00 - Updated 4/10/2016 14h41
Photo: Tiago Corrêa/CMM

AM POST during the election campaign presented to its readers the profile of 41 councilors that currently occupy a seat in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM). The goal was to offer citizens a better understanding of parliamentary in order to help choose new councilors for the next 4 years. Unfortunately 20 current council members were re-elected.

Hiram Nicolau:

Councillor exercises his first term and now goes to the second and is currently vice president of CMM. Hiram is the brother of state deputy, Ricardo Nicolau. councilman, before being elected to the position of vice president, was ombudsman CMM in Bosco Saraiva management, Current state representative. At the time figure always on lists of the most absent councilors of the House, what changed after being chosen for the position.

During the year 2014, when it was only ouvidor, Nicholas occupied the third position in the ranking of defaulters. He was present in 92 sessions and missed 22, with three unexcused absences and 19 by 'force majeure'.

Then, in January 2015, when he was already vice-president, Hiram presented a proposal to hold always roll call before voting for evidence of the presence of councilors in plenary. The proposal caused controversy among his colleagues in parliament.

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