Coral Amazon presents special show for Children's Day

“Viva Criança” traz no repertório canções que embalaram a criançada nos anos 1990 e 2000, além de músicas atuais para fazer a festa da garotada.
12/10/2016 09h30 - Updated 12/10/2016 18h58
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"I have the power, I am invincible! We are friends, United we stand the seed of evil!"If you sang along, You will remember this little song that cradled the childhood of those who lived in years 1990 e 2000. And to remember those good times, the Government of Amazonas, through the Secretary of State for Culture, held on Friday (14), a partir das 18h, the show "Viva Child", with free admission, in celebration of Children's Day!

The presentation is in charge of the Amazon Coral, under the direction and musical direction of conductor Zacarias Fernandes and stage direction of Alfredo Vieira. The choir will be accompanied by a band formed by musicians Hilo Carriel (piano), Moses Rodrigues (keyboard), net Armstrong (guitar), Domi Paulo (eletric bass), Andre Dias (drums), Claudio Abrantes (flute / saxophone), Álvaro Nascimento (Trumpet) e Alison Gama (trombone).

The show is an eponymous event reprint what happened 2015, Coral bet when a format unheard of artistic performance, and all the repertoire selected by the conductor Zacarias Fernandes. "Our criterion was the ability to enjoy, encourage and educate through music, still considering the Amazon Choir performance in this type of repertoire, preserving, Clear, excellence and method ", says the maestro.


The musical pieces chosen for the show had their arrangements produced by big names like Dirson Costa, Hermes Coelho, Hilo Carriel, Bruno Nascimento, Raimundo Coelho, Otavio Simoes and Davy Keys, besides himself maestro Zacarias Fernandes.

The show will feature a repertoire that includes nursery rhymes, soundtrack of the Disney movies and blockbusters of children's television programs, as Xuxa, balloon Magic, Carousel, chicken Pintadinha, He-Man, Pokémon, among others, plus songs from Brazilian Popular Music, comoAquarela and Notebook, Toquinho.

In the corner, choir performance will also adopt the theatrical performance, through various scenic interactions and visual appeal movements, that complement the display in the show, that have, among his soloists, known names of classical music amazonense, as Patricia Botelho, Carol Martins, Dhijana Noble, Roberto Paulo, Juremir Vieira and Alex Araujo.

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