Children and adolescents may issue first RG in action of the Public Defender in honor of Children's Day

The campaign aims to promote the importance of civil registration to ensure rights.
07/10/2016 08h27 - Updated 7/10/2016 15h17
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Children and adolescents may issue the first copy of the Identity Card (RG) during the "1st Campaign Identity", held by the Ombudsman of Amazonas (ECD-AM), by Specialized Defender of Children of Civil Youth. The service will take place at the headquarters of the Special (Street José Furtado, 201, San Francisco neighborhood, center-on area), in the days 10 e 11 of October, from 9h to 13h. The campaign is a tribute to Children's Day, celebrated 12 of October, and aims to promote the importance of civil registration to ensure rights.

As part of the Campaign, They are being collected toys for the toy library of Specialized Defense of Children and Youth and for donation to institutions working with children and adolescents in vulnerable situations. The toy donations can also be made at the headquarters of the Special until 11, from 8h to 13h. The action for the issuance of RG will be done in partnership with the Department of Public Safety, who trained DPE-AM's servers to perform the service.

According to the public shareholders supporter of Children and Youth Specialist, Mário Wu, the aim of the campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of civil registration and birth certificates for children and adolescents, documents that are rights guaranteed by Article 102 the Statute of Children and Adolescents.

A lack of registration, says Mario Wu, increases the vulnerability of children and adolescents on issues such as child labor, sexual exploitation or enticement for criminal activities. With registration, the children and adolescents are able to be registered on social programs and have access to school and health system.

Documents required for service - To issue the first ID card during the service of the DPE-AM, You will need three photos 3x4, Birth certificate (copy and original), proof of residence and a copy of the identity card of the parent or legal representative. You will be required of the child and / or adolescent, the father or mother or legal representative.

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