environmental crimes in Jutaí are fined R $ 296 one thousand

A prefeitura da cidade foi multada em R$ 100 mil por manter lixeira viciada próxima de curso d’água.
10/10/2016 15h58 - Updated 11/10/2016 09h01
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The Institute of Amazonas Environmental Protection (Ipaam) invested R $ 296 thousand in fines during the so-called enforcement action "Operation Jutaí", occurred between days 25 e 30 of September, that caught several irregularities and environmental crimes in the municipality of Jutaí.

Among the violations were found cases of deforestation, unlawful seizure of wild animals, an irregular rubbish tip, besides potteries and gas stations operating with expired licenses in environmental Ipaam.

The Jutaí Prefecture received a fine of R $ 100 thousand for keeping a public trash near the water body as well and does not have any environmental license in the body. The city was also notified to start the adequacy of trash, under penalty of recurrence.

Two people were fined R $ 120 per thousand suppression 24 hectares of primary / secondary vegetation without permission of the competent environmental authorities. Another person was fined R $ 20 thousand to start felling trees also without permission from the competent environmental spheres.

The seizure of a chainsaw without registration / license generated fine of R $ 1 thousand other responsible. The owner of a vessel was fined R $ 55 thousand by seizure 11 turtles that were later released into the wild.

Five more irregular gas stations Jutaí were reported to legalize their activity in a period of 30 days, otherwise embargo subsequent establishments and fines for non-compliance and request the illegality of the activity.

The inspection team also visited days potters industries, one being inspected for renovation purposes of operating license. Violators may appeal the imposition of fines, but they are required to repair the environmental damage.

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