Decree formalizes creation of ecological corridor Adolpho Ducke / Puraquequara

It is a way to contribute to the local protection by curbing deforestation and preserving animals.
09/10/2016 15h45 - Updated 10/10/2016 11h30
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The Amazon capital won strengthened to ensure the protection of the Reserva Florestal Adolpho Ducke, in the north of Manaus, halting deforestation and preserve animals that live in the area, by booking connectivity with the river Puraquequara. O Decree No. 37.274 formalizing the creation of the ecological corridor of the Forest Reserve Adolpho Ducke / Puraquequara it was published in the Official State Gazette (DOE), on Monday, 3, by the Government of Amazonas.

The proposal follows the recommendation of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) for creating local connectivity limits. The work was conducted by the Department of Environmental and Territorial Management (Degat) Secretary of State for the Environment (Schema). The survey conducted by the secretariat showed that the area plays an important ecological function, as a source of colonizing species to the fragments that are close to it, to be still connected with the continuous forest. The report environmental characteristics of the area, made by Sema, evidence, if it were not created the ecological corridor, the area could be impacted by the expansion of the city and become an isolated fragment.

The corridor is intended to link the conservation units that will be created in the perimeter or immediate surroundings ensuring the preservation of riparian forests along watercourses. It also aims to ensure the restoration and maintenance of species facilitating the recolonization of degraded areas, and regulate the use and occupation of land in the buffer zones of ecological corridor.

With an area of 2.396 hectares, the ecological corridor is located in the urban expansion area of ​​the city, within the limits of the Environmental Protection Area Adolpho Ducke, starting on the outskirts of Experimental Reserve Adolpho Ducke and extending to the river Puraquequara.

The creation has been widely discussed in public hearings that brought together researchers, partner agencies, in addition to the population living in the surrounding area. On the last, for example, held in April this year, the project was approved unanimously. Also several meetings were held and visits to survey physical data, biological and geographical area, besides the analysis of geo-referenced points of the characteristics of the use and occupation of the land to outline the actions needed to create the connectivity areas.

next step

Next step will be the creation of the ecological corridor of the management board to be held by Sema, in partnership with the Municipal Environment and Sustainability (Semmas). The negotiations to structure the board are already underway.
The process is supported on an agreement signed by Sema, MPF, technical commission established by the National Institute of Amazon Research (INPA) and North Central Electric of Brial S. A (Eletronorte), observing the construction of the transmission line George Smith / Lechuga.

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