Denarc and Rocam hold law student with synthetic drugs, marijuana and money in Real, Dollar and Euro

The offender is Kalil Costa Almeida, arrested in flagrante day 2.
04/10/2016 08h17 - Updated 4/10/2016 08h17
Photo: Erlon Rodrigues/PC-AM

The Civil Police of Amazonas, through crowded servers in the Department of Narcotics Investigation (Denarc), in joint action with military police Round Ostensive Cândido Mariano (Rocam), arrested, in the act, on Sunday afternoon, day 2, the law student Kalil Costa Almeida, 30, for drug trafficking. The offender was presented on the afternoon of Monday, day 3, during a press conference at 14:30, the building of the General Police, in the neighborhood Dom Pedro, Midwest zone of Manaus.

According to the director of Denarc, Delegate Paul Mavignier, Kalil was intercepted by teams Denarc and Rocam around 16h, South Korea street, in Ponta Negra neighborhood, West zone of the capital. At the time of approach, the university was driving a car model Palio, Black color plates and OAH – 1985, that was seized during the police action. In the vehicle were found eight marijuana portions, 71 ecstasy tablets and a small bundle of cocaine, and R $ 2 one thousand, The $ 562 e € 400 in kind.

The offender told the police that he had more drugs in the house where he lived, located in a residential complex in the Plateau neighborhood, Midwest area of ​​the capital. In continuous action, the police went to the property and found, in a pencil holder at the university quarter, nine ecstasy pills; a cartouche containing 25 Diethylamide of lysergic acid units, hallucinogenic substance known popularly as "LSD"; a small amount of hashish, and a precision scale.

During the press conference the director of Denarc reported that the offender was being monitored for approximately two months by teams of department, after civilian police receive information that Kalil, after leaving prison, in mid-May 2013, I would have gone back to selling drugs, having as target audience people of high income and young people who attend evening parties in the city. Mavignier stressed that Kalil had as regulars customers of "raves", nightclubs and floating.

"We have received complaints about the case and, in partnership with Rocam, started, about two months, investigations around this situation. We monitor Kalil in different festivals and concert halls in Manaus and found that he was selling synthetic drugs to young people and people of middle class. By attending the local high society, he had a privileged clientele, composed of entrepreneurs, doctors and lawyers, for example. For this reason the offender used to get paid for the drugs in Real, Dollar and Euro ", He explained the director of Denarc.

The suction Rocam Molaz Anderson said the team received a tipoff stating that Kalil would make a drug delivery in the area of ​​the city where he was arrested. "As soon as we were informed that he would be performing the delivery of drugs in the Ponta Negra neighborhood monitor the appropriate place. We were able to intercept the offender and we gain success in his prison ", he argued.

more intense actions

Paul said Mavignier, still, the Denarc has worked with more intensity in the fight against drug trafficking in the State. The police official said that the police have not measured efforts to curb the marketing of drugs, mainly synthetic, since this type of illegal substance is becoming increasingly popular in the city.

Kalil was booked in flagrante delicto for drug trafficking, crime provided for in Article 33 of Law 11.343/06. At the end of the applicable procedures performed on the basis of Denarc, the offender will be referred to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, in Manaus Center, which will be available to the Justice.

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