Amazon deforestation rises 24% in 2015, INPE data show

This is the highest rate in four years.
05/10/2016 16h17 - Updated 5/10/2016 16h17
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Deforestation in the Amazon increased 24% August 2014 to July 2015, compared to the previous period, August 2013 to July 2014. This is the highest rate in four years. Consolidated data from Deforestation Monitoring Project in the Amazon Satellite (Prodes) from 2015 They were released today (5) the National Institute for Space Research (inpe) and point to the overthrow of 6.207 square kilometers (km²) forest. No previous period, deforestation reached 5.012 km².

In November 2015, the institute had published an estimate of 5.835 km² suppression of forest to Prodes 2015. According to Inpe, the consolidated rate was calculated based on 214 satellite images. Already the estimated rate was based on 96 images, selected to cover the area where there were more than 90% deforestation in the period and also the 43 priority municipalities for supervision.

According to the representative of INPE, Dalton Valeriano, four years ago the rate is hovering around the 5 thousand km². "It is a limit that we need to go through. New initiatives need to be taken or will not achieve the goal by 2020 ", said. The goal under the Prevention and Combating Deforestation of the Amazon (PPCD) It is to get 2020 deforesting unless 4 thousand km². In 2004, when the program was created, the Brazil deforested 27.772 km² of forest Amazon.

Pará is still the state that leads the increase in deforestation in the Amazon. The rate for the state rose 14%, with a deletion of 2.153 square kilometers of forest between August 2014 to July 2015. However, for Valeriano, Mato Grosso and Amazonas are the states that deserve attention. "What worries me is the slow but steady return rate in Mato Grosso and the rise in the Amazon. They are small, but are new deforestation fronts ", said, for attention of the authorities to these states.

Valeriano cites new deforestation fronts, mainly in the Amazon, as along the Trans-Amazon and regions of the municipalities Lábrea, Apuí and Manipur. Deforestation in the state rose 42% between 2014 e 2015. A taxa, which was 500 km², went to 712 km².

Combating deforestation
Consolidated data Prodes 2015 They were presented today during a seminar at the Ministry of the Environment (MMA) that will gather, see you tomorrow, representatives of governments, journalists, scientists and civil society organizations to discuss where the problem is and what the possible ways are to halt deforestation in the Amazon.

According to Secretary of Climate Change and Environmental Quality MMA, Everton Lucero, it is important for states to provide regular data and updated permits for legal vegetation deforestation. The current deforestation rate does not differentiate illegal from that made with the permission of state agencies. Lucero, as well as combat illegal deforestation is necessary to promote policies to reduce the legal suppression without prejudice to the economy.

During the seminar, They will also be discussed deforestation rates in specific locations, as in indigenous lands, private areas, protected areas and land reform settlements. "Each type of territorial category represents a specific challenge that must be faced in its specificity", said Secretary.

From 2012 a 2015, for example, 94% deforestation in Roraima was in federal settlements and plots; Mato Grosso, 72% It was in private areas; Amapa, 23% of protected areas were cleared; and Pará, 39% deforestation was in plots that period.

During the seminar, MMA also wants to collect subsidies for the construction of the new phase of PPCDAm.

Nine states comprise the Legal Amazon: Acre, Amapá, Amazon, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, For, Rondônia, Roraima and Tocantins.

Source: Agency Brazil

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