because blackout, UEA cancels tests carried out yesterday (23)

The tests scheduled for 13h on Monday (24), they are kept.
24/10/2016 10h45 - Updated 25/10/2016 10h35
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The University of the State of Amazonas (UEA) He announced last night (23), the cancellation of the evidence for the first day of the Vestibular 2016, with access 2017, made during a late. A power blackout that hit Manaus and some cities in the interior damaged candidates who did the examination. The evidence of the second day, scheduled for Monday, 24 of October, they are kept.

In a press conference at the University Rectory, in the south central area of ​​Manaus, Rector Cleinaldo Costa regretted the incident and announced to 15 November the probable date for the examinations of general knowledge, that occurred on Sunday.

“The power outage affected the supply of Manaus and part of the interior. This brought losses of varying degrees to the candidates. We try to mediate what was happening, but the measures were insufficient. The damage was too great for many students”, said Costa.

The rector said that the decision of the University to cancel the first day of the exam will ensure competitive equality for more than 80 thousand candidates for admission to the institution 2017. The evidence on Monday, referring to specific knowledge and writing, they are kept, as the calendar already disclosed. The gates will open at noon and close at 12:50. Evidence stuff 13 hours in Manaus hours.

Segundo a UEA, the power outage damaged the candidates Vestibular, mainly in the capital. Teams vestibular committee and the dean worked throughout the day trying to get around specific problems. But the suspension of tests carried out on Sunday must preserve the credibility of the examination and equity between competitors. At night, Cleinaldo said he received the direction of Eletrobras Amazonas Energia information that the interruption was due to the fall of a tree in Linhão Tucuruí, and that according to the dealer the chance of new disruptions are unlikely.

“The college entrance examination depends on a factor called credibility. If a student was harmed, the equality of the process is shaken. It would be a very great iniquity keep Vestibular as they can not offer the same condition for all. We had to take a firm and quick decision”, Cleinaldo said Costa.

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