Maternity director is fined R $ 8,7 thousand by TEC-AM

The provision of maternity Alvorada accounts, for the financial year 2014, under da Silva Ninita responsibility flunked.
05/10/2016 08h32 - Updated 5/10/2016 08h32
Photo: Ana Cláudia Jatahy

The full Amazonas State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) reproved, on Tuesday morning (4) accountability, for the financial year 2014, the former director of the Maternity Alvorada, Ninita da Silva.

According to the rapporteur of the manager's accounts, auditor Mario Filho, among the irregularities found are direct contracting, by bidding waiver, company to perform electrical maintenance services, hydraulic and sanitary, without checking the emergency or dire situation; and fragmentation expenses. The fine imposed on former director of R $ 8,7 one thousand, value to be returned to public coffers in 30 days.

Also during the session, full decided by the irregularity of the accounts of the President of Retirement and Pension Fund of the City of Barreirinha (Fabesb), Afonso da Silva Reis, exercise 2015. The absence of basic design capable of representing clearly and succinctly the object to be hired; and the absence of price justification were some of the inadequacies found in the provision, as stated by the Hearing Officer Mario process Mello. Fines imposed the manager amount to R $ 23,7 one thousand.

Former Mayor of Uarini Agberto Castro Marinho, He had accountability, exercise 2012, judged irregular. A fine of R $ 8,7 thousand was applied to the former manager for the absence of bidding process and for alleged occurrence of fragmentation expenses.

Regular with caveats

Were regular judge with caveats benefits Medicines Center accounts of the State Secretariat of Health of Amazonas (th), exercise 2014; José Duarte liability dos Santos Filho, with fine of R $ 4,4 thousand to responsible; the director of the Emergency Services Service Eliameme Rodrigues Mady - SPA North Zone, exercise 2015, Julia Miranda Fernanda Marques, without penalty application; General and former commander of the Amazonas State Fire Brigade- CBMAM, Antonio Dias dos Santos, for the financial year 2013, without fines.

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