Eduardo Suplicy is the most voted councilor country

Councilman PT received over 300 thousand votes.
03/10/2016 10h21 - Updated 3/10/2016 10h24
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Over 300 thousand votes received, Eduardo Suplicy (PT-SP) was the most voted councilor in elections Sunday (2). Former Senator ranked first among the candidates in São Paulo, larger electoral college of the country. however, proportionally, the 5,62% received by him from voters was not the highest vote among Brazilian capitals councilors.

Councilman with the highest percentage of votes among the country's capital is Maceió. Producer of adult films, Lobão (PR-AL) He was elected to 24.969 votes. O number represents 6,01% of the total city votes. The journalist Jorge Kajuru (PRP-GO) also we had a percentage of votes greater than the Suplicy: 5,65%.

Source: Agency Brazil

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