in Itamarati, MP-AM investigating suspected money entry into aircraft

The agency investigates the input information of R $ 120 thousand air-taxi companies.
09/10/2016 15h51 - Updated 10/10/2016 11h30
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Electoral Prosecutor in the municipality of Itamarati, Drag. Tania Maria de Azevedo Feitosa, introduced an electoral preparatory procedure to investigate input information R $ 120 thousand a taxi-air companies a week before the municipal election last Sunday (02), more precisely between days 24 e 27 of September.

Not notice published, last Wednesday (05), Official Gazette of the Amazon prosecutors (MP-AM), the prosecutor said it had received investigative pieces sent by the electoral delegate Jone Clei Sousa Rodrigues, subscribed by Semário Jesus da Costa who report entry of amounts of R $ 60 one thousand, R$ 30 thousand and R $ 30 thousand between days 24 e 27 of September, coming by plane to the city, by air taxi companies Du Gomes, Taking off and Amazonaves, that is, a week before the election.

Elsewhere in the document published on Wednesday, Promotora cites Semário have informed that the funds were intended to pay the federal program Bolsa Família, "But without submitting documents proving the legal origin of the money or beneficiaries", and informs, still, the seizure of R $ 23,800 on 30 of September, in possession of Débora Araujo Bridges, Semário wife.

Despite claims on resources, Promotora says Semário not presented proof of the source of the money. "These facts, if not proven the lawful origin of the money, as well as its destination, They can characterize possible practice of abuse of economic power and illicit capture of suffrage ", said Promotora.

Because of suspicion, electoral promoter decided to subpoena Semário and his wife, Deborah, to present the Electoral Court of Attorney, the cashout vouchers directly from Caixa Economica Federal, financial institution making payment of the Bolsa Família, federal program, two values ​​declared.

"In case of electronic transfer to another bank, present transaction voucher, and the relationship of all beneficiaries (program) Bolsa Família the municipality of Itamarati, payment vouchers and amount received by each beneficiary, between the days 24 September 2016 e 2 October 2016 ", he said.
in Itamarati, the election was quite fierce with the candidate Antonio Maia da Silva (THE), elected with 2.568 votes, 50.41% do total, and the second placed Francisca Graciene Nogueira Feitosa, to 'Santa' (PSDB), who got 2.526 votes, or 49,59% do total.

The Promoter of Justice, Drag. Tania Maria de Azevedo Feitosa, further stated that some servers Itamaraty Prefecture sought the prosecutor's office saying they were fired for supporting the opposition candidate. The Public Ministry, So, He filed several representations by conduct prohibited and awaits court decision. "Really, as the Mayor himself said in an interview, it was found that the servers do not have any signed contract, or a formal contract and not even receive the minimum wage, and that most holds the position of gari, getting the salary at the end of each month, in kind, directly from a city server. These issues will also be the object of investigation ", said Promotora.

Source: MP-AM

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