In the midst of crisis, ALE-AM maintain financial balance and commitments day

cost containment measures taken since 2015 generated R $ economy 15 millions.
19/10/2016 15h15 - Updated 19/10/2016 15h40
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containment measures expenditure that has been adopted since 2015 allowed the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (OF-AM) maintain financial stability and honor its commitments, without downtime, crises, or layoffs. Information is the president of the State Parliament, Mr Joshua Neto (PSD), during a speech to provide your management accounts on Wednesday (19) in plenary Ruy Araújo.

Second or president, the measures of containment of expenses allowed, in 2015 e 2016, savings of R $ 15 millions, no layoffs, and without harming the legislative work. During his speech, Joshua confirmed that due to the savings the first payment of the 13th salary of active servers will be made in the coming days 25 e 26. The second will be made on 20 from December.

"While in some other states Assemblies delay or negotiate installment wages from 2015, coming to lay off employees or go to court to ensure the budget transfer, our Assembly moves on the path of administrative planning and financial balance ", he said.

The MP reminded that since worsened crisis 2015, the Aleam faced a drop of at least R $ 3 million monthly in its constitutional transfer - compulsory transfer of state government resources to Aleam. To overcome is, the Chair suggested adopting measures to contain expenditures that were approved by the other parliamentary.

Among the measures taken are the suspension of the daily of the deputies and servers within the State, charter aircraft, visual communication, catering services, flowers and accessories used in tributes and special sessions in the House, besides the reduction of 10% Quota for Exercise of Parliamentary Activity (pad) Members, and reduced 25% a 35% of contracts with suppliers and service providers.

Even with limited resources, Joshua said that Aleam left not caring for people, providing extensive discussions with the population and maintaining the policy of valuing servers Parliament adopted in 2013, first year of his administration ahead of Aleam, when it was granted salary improvement to real increase 10%, in addition to the review of bonuses.

Still he said, even with limitations, It was possible to maintain the pace of legislative activities within the Aleam standards, with voting 998 bills in the last two years, and 80% authored by deputies.

Zero Tariff

The president also said that plans to end 2016 with agenda zeroed vote, that is, no pending projects. According to him, all matters that were submitted by July this year, They should be examined by December.

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