In six months, Two children die in culverts by neglect of Manaus Prefecture

The culvert is just a show of contempt with which the City is the periphery.
26/10/2016 19h00 - Updated 26/10/2016 19h00
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According to the Municipal Infrastructure (Seminf), there are more than two thousand open manholes in the city. periphery residents say those of wolf-mouths become an added risk when it rains, because the structure is covered by water, making impossible the same location. This tragedy announced already repeated twice this year in Manaus, with terrible results: the death of two children.

The first was in 24 last April, when the boy André Pereira Crescenço, six years, It disappeared in a storm drain located on the corner of 9 Penetration with Street 4, in Amazonino Mendes neighborhood (Mutirão) and it was located on 26, in one of the streams running through the Mindu Park.

On the afternoon of Wednesday (26), three days after disappearing in a storm drain during a storm, the boy's body Gustavo Silva Araujo, seven years, It was found in the Condominium Village Swiss funds, in Tarumã district (West zone). André disappeared into the storm drain that had no guardrails, while playing in flood, Bay Street in Lead, on the Mount of Olives neighborhood, on Sunday (Also a day 24). It was located over 10 kilometers ahead of the point where it disappeared.

The culvert is just a show of contempt with which the City is the periphery. They can also be cited the vandalized municipal schools and unmaintained, the invaded or nonexistent sidewalks, the squares where the weeds grow and garbage builds up, the sewage flows through the streets in all poor neighborhoods and more. A picture totally opposite to what happens in prime residential areas of Manaus.




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