Loans and financing arranged by AFEAM will be determined by the Court of Public Prosecution

The opening of the procedure was determined on Monday (10) the Attorney General of the MPC, Carlos Alberto de Souza Almeida.
10/10/2016 14h24 - Updated 10/10/2016 14h24
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The prosecutor Amazon Accounts (MPC-AM) He opened a preparatory procedure to investigate irregularities in loans, financing and credit compensation measures undertaken by the State of Amazonas Development Agency (Afeam).

The opening of the procedure was determined on Monday (10) the Attorney General of the MPC, Carlos Alberto de Souza Almeida, after receiving the information regarding the loan contracts with regular payments by the AFEAM and measures adopted by the agency to review the credits from the beginning of the Agency's activities.

The data were transferred to the MPC in consideration of an injunction granted by the President of the State of Amazonas Court (TCE-AM), Ari Moutinho Junior, last week, representing ingressada the ministerial body requesting information to AFEAM.

"We received the requested information within the deadline and, now, we will analyze all incoming data to determine the loan contracts with regular payments, who are delinquent, the initial term and the value of each agreement and as AFEAM has served to review the state credits ", said the attorney general's MPC, Carlos Alberto de Souza Almeida.

According to the Attorney General, the AFEAM is an economic and social development agency and not common private institution, lending and public resources, that is why, It is subject to external control effected by TEC-AM and MPC, as well as the guiding principles of the Public Administration, in article 37, the Federal Constitution 1988, especially morality and advertising, requiring transparent management for effective control of public resources.

According to complaints received by the Court of Public Prosecution, the AFEAM would be granting loans exceeding R $ 100 millions, without proper values ​​of discharge over the years.

After reviewing the information, the MPC will issue a final report, expected to be issued to 31 December this year. Completed the preparatory procedure, it is for the attorney general's MPC joining with representation by the TEC, If so, identify irregularities, file the procedure or take other action it deems appropriate.

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