Students can start the renewal of enrollment in Fies from Wednesday

The law project 8/16, opening additional credit of R $ 1,1 billion was approved yesterday (18).
19/10/2016 09h32 - Updated 19/10/2016 09h32
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With the approval of additional resources to the Financing Fund Student (Fies) by Congress, the Ministry of Education (GUY) will open the online system for students to begin the process of re-enrollment from tomorrow (19). “to advance, MEC will open tomorrow the system for the students begin the request for the addition of Fies”, said Minister of Education, Mendonça Filho, by Twitter.

The law project 8/16, approved today, opens additional credit of R $ 1,1 billion in favor of the Ministry of Education (GUY) and government credit operations. As released R $ 702,5 million to FIES and R $ 400,9 million for editing 2016 the National High School Exam (one).

In Congress, after the vote, the minister told the press that hasten the Planalto Palace to sanction. “I'll talk to the President of, Rodrigo Maia, so you can do it as soon as it arrives at the Presidential Palace for his sanction or the president. At the same time the paperwork is already being made in advance by FNDE [National Fund for Education Development]”, strengthened.

With the resources, MEC should normalize lending and repurchases that may be made by private educational institutions participating in the program. Neither the blood, renewals of registrations, which usually occur in July, they were paralyzed.

The students, who were apprehensive unable to access the enrollment system, They celebrated in social networks. “Hallelujah was tired of so much bad news, better late than never”, says student by Twitter. “They released the Fies thanks to God!”, says another user of the social network.

Second or minister, the delay does not affect students: “The delay by the fact that Congress had not voted previously not affect in any way the beneficiaries of Fies. They are preserved in their rights and are guaranteed by the MEC that contracts will be honored, both old and new”.

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According to the Union of Maintainers of Higher Education (Semesp), the delay reaches 1.863.731 students 1.358 private institutions teaching. According to the entity, the delayed transfers related to FIES certificates amounting to approximately R $ 5 billion. The funds approved today will cover the late payments with contract management services provided by banks. Thereby, the transfers may be standardized.

“We were very apprehensive. Students were studying erratically. Without the addition, They were not properly registered. The Congress had sense and approved the bill”, says the president of the Association of Maintainers of Higher Education (ABMES), Janguiê Diniz. He expects the lending institutions are normalized to November for educational institutions, especially the smaller, to honor their payments and keep running.

For this period to take effect, according to the executive director of SEMESP, Rodrigo Capelato, now it is necessary that the ENDF review the schedule of transfers and repurchases of educational instuons. Under current rules, the transfer is made based on the additions made to the day 20. “We expect the MEC review the schedule of payment certificates and repurchase, if no, contracts added after the day 20 They would only be paid in December”, says.


No budget, MEC issued Provisional Measure and transferred to the higher private educational institutions responsible with the costs of financial agents of Fies contracts. The change will generate savings of about R $ 400 million to the program this year. With this measure, the Union will pay the Bank of Brazil and Caixa Econômica Federal administrative fees 2% educational charges released to educational institutions.

According to SEMESP, institutions, However, They will have an increase of expenses, along with other expenses that have to bear the Fies, will amount equivalent to 13,24% tuition fees. Pass on these costs to students would mean a rise in tuition 0,5% plus inflation for next year.

Capelato, He believes that this cost will not be passed on to students. “Given the crisis in which the industry is past, with the number of students dropping and demand by reducing Fies, I find it very difficult to readjust the institutions that the monthly fee. They will not have breath. They are having to give discount for students, You have no room to pass”, says.

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