Former mayor of Pauini has reproved accounts and is fined R $ 60 thousand by TEC-AM

The provision of the former mayor accounts, José Vicente Amorim, It is for the financial year 2008.
11/10/2016 17h34 - Updated 11/10/2016 17h34
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It went to trial early on Tuesday (11), during the 36th Ordinary Session of the State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), accountability of the former mayor of Pauini José Vicente Amorim, for the financial year 2008. The irregularities found in the provision led the college to decide not to approve, applying the former mayor fines and disallowance of approximately R $ 60 one thousand.

Among those found improprieties, stand out serious violations of legal norm, as the delivery of performance out of time; delay in sending the fiscal management reports and budget execution; accounting differences between the ACP system and accountability; absence of bidding process; failure to apply the minimum health; and no documents of the Fund for the Development of Basic Education and Valuing of Education Professionals (Fundeb).

The mayor of the municipality of Anori, Sansuray Pereira Xavier, also had accountability, exercise 2010, judged irregular. No justification for concluding letters contracts that aimed to hiring individuals to perform weight services, cleaning and washing wells and boxes Moorhen for eleven months denoting completion of temporary hiring, in disobedience to the art of determinations. 37, II e IX, CF / 88; lack of justification for hiring, by Invitation, Dietitian; and not forwarding information about the professional record contracted the Regional Nutritionists Council were some of the irregularities found in the provision. Penalties for mayor totaled R $ 44,7 one thousand.

Still was judged irregular provision of City Hall accounts Nhamundá, exercise 2014, Alderman responsibility to Antonio Tavares Magalhães Neto. According to the counselor-rapporteur of the case, Mario de Mello, the Portal downgrade Transparency of Nhamundá House, disobeying Complementary Law No. 131/09 (Transparency law); and delay, unjustifiably, sending the relative remittance 2nd half 2014 Fiscal Management Report – RGF, were some of the improprieties that made Councilman receive about R $ 13 thousand in fines.

Regular with caveats

regulars were judged with caveats, without fines, the rendering of accounts of the former municipal secretary of education (semed), Darcy Humberto Michiles, for the financial year 2014; director-president of the Center of the State of Amazonas Oncology Control Foundation - FCECON, exercise 2014, Edson de Oliveira Andrade; and Executive Assistant Secretary (Sexad / SEJUS, exercise 2014, under the responsibility of Cicero Romao de Souza Neto, as Executive Secretary of Justice and Human Rights.

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