Former Secretary of Braga speaks in audio Artur corruption scheme

In the audio almost a minute, Levy, calls Congressman, Arthur Bisneto, of 'asshole' and says that he was elected thanks to his father.
08/10/2016 14h50 - Updated 9/10/2016 16h07
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In audio WhatsApp sent purportedly to Councilman, Massami Miki (PAGE), former Secretary senator, Eduardo Braga, and supporter of the city the candidate's campaign, Artur Neto, Hiel Levy, speaks of the corruption scheme mayor of Manaus.

In the conversation almost a minute, Levy, appears someone criticizing the party Patria Libre (PPL) to support the candidacy of Marcelo Ramos. “In a close election that Arthur wins there and how do you stay?”, asked former Secretary of Braga.

Levy ends audio stating that Arthur Neto 'has the machine’ claiming that the mayor whom he wants to buy and the cards in the game of politics baré. Hiel uses the example of the son of the toucan and Congressman, Arthur Bisneto, Calls' asshole’ which according to the former secretary of Braga was elected thanks to his father.

Listen to audio:

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