families 11 conservation units receive land titles in the Amazon

The regularization of lands will benefit over 2 Extractive thousand families living in conservation areas.
05/10/2016 16h10 - Updated 5/10/2016 19h10
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There were more than two years of waiting for the document that legitimizes the use of land by traditional communities living in the Amazon 11 conservation units: eight state and three federal. The issue of permits for the Right to Use (CDRU) They were delivered on Wednesday (5), In Manaus, the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio), that manage these areas.

The regularization of lands will benefit over 2 Extractive thousand families living in conservation areas.

According to the general coordinator of Traditional Populations of ICMBio, Bruna Vitta, the delivery is CDRU “or apex” regularization of extractive reserves, created by demand from communities that occupy areas to conserve, keep the way of life and ensure the territory. “CDRU is the document that symbolizes the stability of families in these areas and the fact that possession and the recognition of rights. The document provides access to public policies, legal recognition, and populations, In fact and right, become the owners of these territories ", said Bruna,

Community leader of one of 36 traditional communities in the state parks Juma, the municipality in Aripuana, Edoniete Ribeiro, He said local families work mainly on cassava, in oil extraction, collection of nuts and fish.

to Edoniete, title granting will also help in the fight against land grabbing. "What is happening in our unit, that has not been defined territory, It is that many people find themselves owners and are damaging the unit with invasions, land grabbing, removal of timber. That title goes to provide security to, to work more in our interests. "

The president of Association of Extractive Reserve Mother Arapixi, located in Boca do Acre municipality, Noel Humberto Dias Gomes, highlights qie the granting of land will generate increased productivity of communities. "We work with 14 communities in three production chains: açaí, cocoa and Brazil nuts. For us, It is a great achievement because CDRU allow us to have access to public policies that will just leverage these production chains, because the main obstacle today is the regularization. No land regularization, you can not work these chains. "

The regularization of the lands of protected areas is the result of dialogue Amazonas Forum work, composed of community leaders and representatives of various bodies and institutions related to the theme, the International Institute for Education in Brazil, the Pastoral Land Commission, the National Council of Traditional Populations and the Federal Public Ministry in the Amazon (MPF-AM). The forum, which began in 2012, already has advances in concession of the right of use, said the advisor to the South program of the IEB Francivane Fernandes Amazon. “Today we had a significant victory, but there is still a big liability on the environmental agenda of land regularization, environmental regulation. We are trying to minimize this liability with a collective effort”, added Francivane.

ICMBio said, later this year, also they will receive land titles to two more federal conservation units in the Amazon communities: national forests of Humaita and Balata Tufari, on the BR-319.

Communities that received on Wednesday the Real Right Concession Titles of Use were the extractive reserves Arapixi, in Boca do Acre, Middle Purus, between the municipalities of Labrea, Pauini e Tapauá, and Auati-Paraná, in Fonte Boa, in addition to the sustainable development reserves Juma, Rio Gregory, Rio Uatumã, Rio Uacari, Rio Madeira, Piaguçu, Canuma and Canutama.

Source: Agency Brazil

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