Lighthouse back down to required day in the Amazon highways

highways AM-010 e AM-070 Vehicles must traffic with headlights on.
21/10/2016 17h12 - Updated 24/10/2016 17h28
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The State Department Amazon Transit (Detra-AM) and the Federal Highway Police (PRF) They began surveillance of the Lower Lighthouse at Amazon Law on Thursday (20). The Federal Court has authorized the transit agencies may fining motorists directing with the lighthouse off the roads even during the day, but since the roads are marked.

To her 13.290/2016, known as “Lighthouse Low Law”, It entered into force in July this year. however, the measure was subject of controversy and law enforcement was provisionally suspended by court order in September. However, the Federal Court of the 1st Region (TRF-1) authorized law enforcement. A craft with the new understanding was sent by the National Traffic Department (Denatran) to local authorities on Wednesday (19).
Now the driver that the vehicle traffic with headlights off, even during the day, in federal and state highways is subject to a fine.

The inspection has been resumed in the state and federal highways in the Amazon. Segundo do Detra-AM, on the highway AM-010, connecting Manaus to Itacoatiara, the mandatory use of daytime running lights is from the barrier at the exit of capital. In the AM-070 (Manuel Urbano), connecting Manaus to Iranduba and Manacapuru, from the Rio Negro Bridge drivers need traffic with headlights linked vehicles also day.

“Still worth what was already set two months ago, in the urban area of ​​the city, even the avenues Torquato Tapajós and Tourism, which are highways, drivers are free to not use the day light. You are only required to use the lighthouse from the AM barrier-010 e na Ponte Rio Negro na AM0-070”, He said on state highways, the CEO of the DMV-AM, Leonel Feitoza.

The mandatory use of headlights also occurs in the BR-174 (Manaus-Boa Vista / RR), from highway access still in the barrier in Manaus. On the BR-319, drivers need to turn on the headlights from the police unit PRF, which is near the Port of Ceasa, in the south.

The PRF and the DMV-AM have started the inspections after receiving communication Denatran. On the first day of the return of the rule of law, the State Traffic Department made the drivers work of guidance on compliance with the law.

Failure is an average offense, with a fine of R $ 85. The driver with the traffic light off is subject to the loss of four points in the National Driver's License (CNH). From November the fine amount is R $ 130.

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