Farce Artur Neto is disassembled in less than 24 hours

O program Artur Neto, invaded Dona Maria de Lourdes house to try to disprove the information given by it on Marcelo program.
22/10/2016 14h44 - Updated 22/10/2016 14h48
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It did not take 24 or more and a lie created by Mayor Artur Neto against Marcelo Ramos campaign was unmasked. The production team of Mayor Arthur broke into the home of Dona Maria de Lourdes da Silva Arruda, Jorge Teixeira in the neighborhood, North Zone, and recorded images without permission to try to disprove the information given by it on Marcelo Ramos program that was denied the right of the social tariff, that his name was included in the SPC / Serasa for nonpayment of property taxes and for not having water supply Environmental Manaus.

With a film production, using drones, and without directly interview the husband of Dona Louders, the mayor Arthur Neto program, exceeded the limits of decency and lack of respect, to break into the house and turn on the tap of the house of a resident without authorization. Artur video the announcer says that "there is no water", but forgot to say that the pipe was connected day 19, Wednesday, Marcelo after the program aired, day 15 of October.

"They are chasing me because I am a gleaner. I have much more moral than he (mayor Arthur). When I asked for help on television, one week they came bind water. I'm not afraid to say no: I asked for help. I am not a person lying. I have 52 years of age and not to lie. I mean that is a crime for help for a right of the people ", said Ms. Lourdes.

According to the husband of Dona Louders, Gregory Arruda, Arthur Neto production team took advantage of his visual impairment and posed as vendors cleaners. "They deceived me. They came with a lot of people there in front. And they deceived me talking about selling a cleaning product. And they looked at what I was washing the pots and I said it was soap and Bombril and they asked to see. I said I could. I went to fetch the Bombril and soap and they raided my house. When I arrived at the foot of sink the other opened the tap, I had a little water in the box, And he says, opa, have water here. And he turned to me and said I was not going to make the product. He wants to win at any cost, lying and breaking into the houses ", Arruda said Gregory.

another lie
This was more a frame to try to influence the outcome of the election, but failed, like the case of the boy Anderson, in 2000. The case was aired by the same current marketeer Arthur, journalist Mark Martinelli. that campaign, Martilelli was responsible for George Tasso campaign, Artur candidate to Manaus Prefecture.

Artur, at the time allied to Eduardo Braga, to arm this farce that was under investigation by the Federal Police. Eduardo Braga was eventually defeated by the then candidate for re-election, Alfredo Nascimento.

See the see the charade of Artur Neto unmasked:

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