Fair regional products already handled more than R $ 53 million and guarantee income for farming families Amazon

fairs, present in five points of the capital, move around R $ 1 million every month.
11/10/2016 17h01 - Updated 11/10/2016 17h01
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The fair of regional products, promoted by the state government, through the Amazonas Sustainable Development Agency (ADS), to collaborate with the production flow, already moved more than R $ 53 million in funds, money that contributes directly to the economy of the families of Amazonian producers.

According to the CEO of ADS, Lissandro Breval, fairs, present in five points of the capital, move around R $ 1 million every month. The Amazonas government's goal is to double that figure by the end of the year 2016, boosting the businesses of farmers.

"Between January and October this year, We detected a growth of more than 30% in the movement of trade, that gave the increased dissemination. We are also looking for new marketing mechanisms, as is the case with our partnership with Shopping Kapok, New City. The forecast is to have two new fairs also until the end of the year ", He explained CEO.

Also according Lissandro, besides being one of the major selling points for farmers, ADS fairs create a direct link between farmers and the private sector through the Agribusiness Desk present in all events. "The spaces make the important role of removing the producer called middleman, going to property, but often paid very low levels and even put them in front with some of the greatest entrepreneurs in the food sector. Everything contributes to good business ", completed.

The producer
More of 3,5 thousand families of farmers are benefiting from the initiative. In some cases, for sale, made only at fairs, once a week, enough to guarantee monthly income to R $ 2 thousand a month. The farmer Aloisio Pollmeier participates in the project since 2008 and ensures that only had benefits today.

"I'm at the fairs in all weekend and the profit is guaranteed. There is always public and we can sell our products at a fair price for us and for the customers who buy all fresquinho. Sometimes I harvest my items at night just to ensure all very young ", he said.

Almost 1,6 million people have passed through the fairs of ADS since the beginning of its activities. Factors such as product prices up 50% lower than in conventional markets are some of the main attractions for the public.

"I'm always freshly baked and affordable. I hope the weekend to buy the products from the refrigerator and always end up saving a lot on budget. At home, my savings amount to more than 60% ", said housewife Arlete Silva, from 65 years.

Inaugurated in late September, the show that works in the parking Shopping Kapok, in the New Town neighborhood, North Zone, has accumulated good results. With only two editions, she has handled almost R $ 40 thousand and sold more than 18 tons of food. The goal is that by the end of the year, drive to reach R $ 264 one thousand.

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