Lula's son can not be re-elected for councilor

The heir of former president tried, by father, get votes, but was not elected.
03/10/2016 17h41 - Updated 3/10/2016 17h41
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The son of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT), Mark Claúdio Lula da Silva (PT), could not be re-elected as a councilor in the municipal elections this year in Sao Bernardo do Campo (SP), one of the municipalities considered as stronghold of petismo. Marcos Claudio had 1.504 votes, less than half of 3.882 votes he got in 2012, when he was elected.

Marcos Claudio is psychologist and is the son of first marriage Marisa Leticia. He was legally adopted by Lula.

In 2016, he had the support of several Lula da Silva family members in the campaign. Together, six family members donated R $ 57,9 thousand for Marcos Claudio campaign, which grossed, second or TSE (Superior Electoral Court), R$ 108,5 one thousand. The largest donation campaign came from the father, who donated R $ 50 one thousand. The Marcos Claudio's mother, Marisa Leticia, donated R $ 1 one thousand.

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