End of the first round of the Youth and Children's Amazonense Championship takes place on Monday

The Championship will take place at 18h, the stadium Hill.
03/10/2016 10h40 - Updated 3/10/2016 10h40
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This Monday (3), It will be a lot of football and the Olympic right back at the double. This afternoon, a partir das 18h, the stadium Hill, the top four teams of children and youth category Amazonense Championship will be playing to lift the cup in the first round of the competition. The Amazonense football season gets Amazonas Government support, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel).

South America x Clippers compete in child

In the first decision of the day, South America team faces the Clippers. Leading from the start of the competition, Colina Train completed the first phase 17 points, four more than rival the final and unbeaten. The train's goal difference is also superior to Cliper. Are 20 balance against three of the Golden Eagle.

Rio Negro x South America youth

At 20h is the time of youth. The final between Rio Negro and South America became the meeting of the only undefeated competition. While Square Rooster passed phase in first position, Colina Train got the third wave of the G4. in the semifinal, Rio Negro got through difficulties on the Tarumã, to draw in 2 a 2 in a thrilling match. In turn, South America eliminated Fast by winning 1 a 0.

"We are coming from a sequence of three draws. We empathize with 1 a 1 with the Rio Negro itself, then with the São Raimundo and then a tough game with Tarumã. In the semifinal we at Fast. It will be a difficult game, we will unfortunately without two players, but we are sure we will make a good game to get the title ", said coach South America, Marcelo Galvão.

For the coach of Rio Negro, José Ribamar, the work carried out since the month of February will be put to the test this afternoon.

"The Wednesday game made us grow to the final. We were losing the game by 2 a 1 and the boys excelled. I talked to them to take the anxiety of the final and play regular. It's a good job we do with these boys since February. Many of them have never played a competition and most come from the East Zone, We took their addiction to play naked so they could play the youth and now we are in the final. It will be a good game ", said coach Cock, José Ribamar.

Final – Childish

Ismael Benigno
SEG 03/10/2016 18:00

Final – Youth

Ismael Benigno
SEG 03/10/2016 20:00

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