old photo with poster asking job viraliza on social networks

The image shows Tereza offering their services diarist or carpet, with your phone contact. In three hours the picture viralizou.
01/10/2016 14h09 - Updated 1/10/2016 14h09
Photo: reproduction

Photo of Tereza, 72 years, asking for work through a poster was released on Facebook in the afternoon Tuesday (27) and quickly viralizou. The picture shows the old diarist offering their services or carpet, with your phone contact. Within three hours the picture was shared by 1.000 people.

The gaucho Tereza Viega is illiterate, He lives in São Paulo and asked the clerk to a bookstore to write the poster. The popularization Facebook has earned a service: Dona Teresa will work as a day laborer every Friday.

The translator Alessandra Siedschlag created an online kitty to help the elderly and only an hour later had collected 3.000 real. The amount donated will be delivered as a birthday gift to Dona Tereza, completing 73 years on 16 of October.

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