Gilmar Mendes authorizes PGR to further investigations into Aécio

It will investigate the involvement of the toucan on alleged tampering of the Post Office CPI data.
18/10/2016 09h23 - Updated 18/10/2016 15h13
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Minister Gilmar Mendes, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), authorized the Attorney General's Office to undertake further research on the role of president of the PSDB, Senator Aécio Neves (MG), with alleged tampering of the Post Office CPI data. In response to the request of the prosecutor Rodrigo Janot, Mendes ruled that the Rural Bank submit copies of all paper and electronic documents sent to CPI, active between 2005 e 2006.

“if consigning officio the liquidator Rural Bank to forward all expedients, media with electronic files or extracts and other information sent to CPMI the Post Office or the Central Bank in view of the request of CPMI Post Office, in response to the breach of bank confidentiality requests, as well as term request offices to service such requests”, says order of the stretch signed by Mendes on 4 this month and released today by the Supreme Court.

Mendes also allowed the researchers to analyze a video that records removal of documents from CPI files on the same day it was announced the opening of an investigation against Aécio. The investigation of Senator was opened in early June from the award-winning denunciation of former Senator Delcídio Amaral (non-party-MS). In one of the statements given to the Attorney General's Office working group, Delcídio Aécio accused of involvement in an operation to manipulate banking and tax data sent by the Rural Post Office CPI.

according Delcídio, Aécio tried, by others, convince him to extend the period of delivery of the Rural CPI documents as an excuse that, if it were not so, the bank would have no time to meet the commission's orders. Delcídio was, President of CPI. “That Aécio Neves sent emissaries to the delivery of secrecy breaks were delongados, with justification, between blades, that there would be no time to prepare these answers”, said former senator.

One of the alleged emissaries would have been the then deputy and now mayor of Rio Eduardo Paes (PMDB), also one of the survey targets. After answering the request, Delcídio said he discovered that the extension only served to make up data. He said he learned of the alleged fraud by himself Aécio and Eduardo Paes. “That data would achieve in full the people of Aécio Neves and Clésio Andrade, governor and deputy governor of Minas Gerais”, said.

Clésio Andrade is also among the investigated. Delcídio said the deputy Carlos Sampaio (PSDB-SP) He knew the makeup. The deputy, However, It is not research target. By authorizing the opening of the investigation, Mendes said the information provided by the whistleblower were not sufficient to include Sampaio research. This would only happen if they arose new information on the case related to Mr.


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