Governor Jose Melo signs health plan agreement for education servers

The plan will offer outpatient hospital care and emergency, obstetrics and dental, no grace period to employees Seduc.
14/10/2016 15h32 - Updated 15/10/2016 15h06
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Jose Melo Governor signed on Friday, 14 of October, the agreement with the health provider Hapvida Healthcare Ltd. to benefit 29 thousand employees of the State Department of Education (Seduc) the capital and the interior. The plan is effective from the month of November this year and will offer outpatient hospital care and emergency, obstetrics and dental, no grace period, and with coverage only in the capital.

The agreement signing ceremony was held at the government headquarters, Compensates I district, west of Manaus, and was attended by the state secretaries, teachers and managers of state schools. The investment account with funds from the Fund for the Development of Basic Education and Valuing of Education Professionals (Fundeb).

"Education is a segment that has two important aspects, the first is that the teacher is responsible for the future of our children, and second, It is that they have their own budget allowing, even in crisis, a government can do as we did, an effort to invest in this plan. It is a great joy, amid the crisis, to benefit the education servers ", said the governor.

Melo also stressed that does not rule out the possibility of extending, in the next year, the benefit to the servers of other state folders. According to the governor, the investment will depend on the dynamics of the economy in the state. "It's in our planning, but it depends on the behavior of the economy because for the other servers will have to take the own sources of the State, who had an unfortunate fall. But the economy grow back, let's look at this situation ".

The State Secretary of Education, Algemiro Lima, It points out that this support from the State Government values ​​the work of education servers. "We are very proud to receive critical support as this because it includes the staffers, commissioned and contractors. It is a dream come true because education gives a strong step by the fact that this recognition. When we take care of those who care for our children, we are taking care of society ", said Secretary.

This is the first time that the benefit is provided to the class, it sees as an important initiative for their lives, as explained by the manager of the State Farias Brito School, in south-central zone, Ricardo Melo. "This is an achievement that our category is in need for many years. Now, the teacher will have an extended benefit to the entire family ".

historic struggle
For the president of the Union of Workers in the State of Amazonas Education, Marcus Liborio, this is a historic achievement category. "The health plan is another achievement of our workers. Just like food stamps, We won this plan, which it is an ancient battle flag, and increasingly strive for enhancement of education workers ".

Health insurance
The plan provides for coverage only in Manaus, without charge to the holder server, still, may include dependents in the plan. In this case, the values ​​for the dependent will be discounted leaf. All the capital and the interior servers will care no shortage in hospitals in Manaus.

The Fundeb resources should be applied to the maintenance and development of public basic education, observing the respective areas of priority actions of states and municipalities, as set out in §§ 2 and 3 of Article. 211 of the Federal Constitution, being that 60% these resources should be allocated each year to the remuneration of teaching professionals (teachers and professionals engaged in educational support activities). A remaining plot (no maximum 40%) It should be applied in other maintenance and development actions, also the basic public education.

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