Government starts paying outsourced payroll on Friday

The Susam temporarily took over the management of services provided by companies that are on the blocked accounts for Justice.
21/10/2016 09h01 - Updated 21/10/2016 09h01
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The Government of Amazonas states that the salaries of employees of companies Total Health and Medical Services and LTDA Nursing and Medical Services Salvare start to be made on Friday, day 21 of October.

The Susam temporarily took over the management of services in health facilities in the state by companies that are in the blocked accounts for Justice, ensuring, in this way, normality of care, without harm to the population, while that determined the realization of useful and administrative measures necessary for the payment of compensation of employees directly involved in the provision of health services in state units, as Ordinance 574/2016 - GSUS, dated 18 of October.

Susam had suspended the The management contracts with the Institute New Paths, investigated by the Justice, and named intervenors for health units served by these contracts - UPA Campos Sales, UPA and Maternity Tabatinga and Rehabilitation Center for Chemical Dependence, Rio Preto da Eva.

According to the Secretary of State for Health, Pedro Elias de Souza, regardless of the court decision, the state government is aware of the importance of professional remuneration given its feed character. The Secretary pointed out that, not have an employment relationship with the outsourced employees, It was sought by the Attorney General support for demand troubleshooting purposes, opportunity in which that body proceeded to indicate the appropriate legal procedure.

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