Federal government expelled 6 thousand civil servants from acts contrary to the law

Report notes that, from 2003 to September 2016, They have been applied 5.043 layoffs; 467 cassafoes retirement; e 532 dismissals of office holders in committee.
10/10/2016 09h06 - Updated 10/10/2016 16h46
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The Federal Government reaches the mark of six thousand public officials expelled for engaging in activities contrary to Law No. 8.112/1990 (Legal Regime of Public Servants). The data contained in the latest survey conducted by the Ministry of Transparency, Supervision and Comptroller General of the Union (TOS). The report notes that, from 2003 to September 2016, They have been applied 5.043 layoffs; 467 cassafoes retirement; e 532 dismissals of office holders in committee. The data do not include state employees, such as the Savings Bank, Post Office, Petrobras, etc.

The main foundation of the expulsions was to prove the performance of acts related to corruption, with 4.013 the penalties imposed or 65,4% do total. But the charge of abandonment, the inassiduidade or illicit accumulation positions are reasons that come next, with 1.395 two cases. Also among the reasons that more away servers proceed idle on the part shape and participation in private company management or administration.


The month of September recorded the highest number of penalties (74), both in comparison with the same period of last five years, As with other months 2016. Among the expulsions, stand out those applied to 10 Para Federal Institute servers (IFPA), involved in Operation Liceu and accounted for improper conduct; damage to public coffers and squandering of national assets; and job valimento for personal gain.

The federal entities with the highest number of penalties were Rio de Janeiro (1.052), federal District (746) and São Paulo (640). Already folders with higher expelled servers were the Ministry of Social Development and Agrarian (MDSA), the Ministry of Justice and Citizenship (MJC) and the Ministry of Education (GUY).


The Punishments expulsive Report is published monthly on the Internet, in order to be accountable to society on disciplinary activity carried out under the Federal Executive. The information is consolidated by the Comptroller General of the Union (CRG), by consulting the Official Gazette (DOU).

The Ministry of Transparency also keeps updated Expulsions Registration Federal Administration (nape), available on the Transparency Portal of the Federal Government. The tool lets you query, in detail, the punishment applied to the server, body stocking, Punishment date, the State in (UF) and the legal grounds.


The convicts servers, under the Clean Record Law, They are ineligible for eight years. Depending on the type of offense committed, They may also be disqualified from exercising public office. In all cases, the misconduct were proven after driving Administrative Disciplinary Process (PAD), as required by Law No. 8.112/1990, that assured involved the right to legal defense and contradictory.

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