Group approved the public of Susam tender is received in the EER-AM to discuss the appointment and tenure in office

Approved question the positioning of Susam to take over the management of services provided by companies Salvare, D. Flores, Simea and Total Saúde.
17/10/2016 16h12 - Updated 17/10/2016 16h12
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A group approved the tender of the State Health Department (Sesame) it was received, in this Monday (17) the Attorney General of the Court of Public Prosecution (MPC-AM), Carlos Alberto de Souza Almeida, the President of the State Audit Court (TCE-AM), counselor Yara Lins, by councilor Mario Manoel de Mello Coelho, by accounts of attorney Ruy Marcelo Alencar Mendonça and the Executive Secretary of Susam, Maderson of Furtado Rock to discuss the appointment and tenure in office.

Approved question the positioning of Susam to take over the management of services provided by companies Salvare, D. Flores, Simea and Total Health units in the state, at the expense of convening the approved tender, and the salaries of employees of these contractors, who have had their accounts blocked by the courts after the operation 'Evil Ways', Federal Police.

The management contract is part of a proposal for a management Adjustment Agreement (TAG) which must be signed by Susam with TCE-AM and it should still be forwarded by the Secretariat to prosecutors Accounts (MPC), Labour (MPT) and the State (MPE).

The President of the TCE-AM, counselor Yara Lins, He said he will ask the Health Secretary to attend court to provide the necessary clarifications concerning the convening of calls within the TAG discussions.

The attorney general's MPC, Carlos Alberto de Souza Almeida, said the approved that the MPC only sign the TAG with Susam in the document include the commitment of the Secretariat to convene and appoint the successful candidates in open competition. "The MPC only signs the TAG engage the call of gazetted, to schedule appointments and a legal strategy for ownership and payment of these people ", said.

Since the completion of the public tender, in 2014, the Susam made two calls: one in April this year, when they were summoned 1.104 approved, and a second, In September, in which they were called 1.752 approved at the event. A new call is scheduled for December this year.

According to the executive secretary of Susam, Maderson da Rocha Furtado, the Secretariat is committed to maintaining the schedule calls, including those approved for health facilities in the state. According to him, the management of services that were previously provided by third party companies will not affect the convening of approved. "We are committed to summon the gazetted and still make a new contest", said.

In September, the last call of approved, the Susam said the "gazetted the appointment process has been conducted in an orderly manner by the State Government". In season, the Secretariat reported that the amount of called depends on an analysis of the impact of payments, made by the State Administration Bureau (Sead), so that the state does not fails to comply with the Fiscal Responsibility Law (LRF).

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