IBOPE received R $ 120 thousand of Arthur and now gives with mayor 56% two votes no second round

17/10/2016 23h56 - Updated 18/10/2016 10h44
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The IBOPE research institute that appears with R $ gains 120 thousand in the coalition payroll "We are One Only Manaus", Mayor Arthur Neto, released late on Monday (17), the mayor has 56% of the vote in the second round of elections Manaus, Against 44% of the votes for his opponent Marcelo Ramos (PR).

Not only receive money from the mayor, the IBOPE has a disastrous history in the polls in the Amazon. In the first round of these elections, Arthur pointed to victory with 46% two votes, 11 points less than the 35% received by the mayor at the polls.

In the election for the Government of Amazonas, in 2014, the IBOPE also missed ugly, giving victory of Senator Eduardo Braga (PMDB), in the first round with 52% two votes. Braga lost the election in the second round to Jose Melo (Pros) with a difference of over 170 thousand votes.
Already in elections 2012, when Artur Neto faced Senator Vanessa Grazziotin, IBOPE indicated that the Senator would only 29% of the vote. In the end Senator arrived 38,05%. The difference was 9 points more than indicated by IBOPE.

According to IBOPE, the survey margin of error is released today 3% more or less. Like this, Mayor Arthur would have between 53% e 59% of the valid votes. Marcelo Ramos would be between 41% e 47% of the valid votes. Research indicates that blank and null votes would be 8%, and do not know who to vote, reaches 3% of voters.

The IBOPE appears in Artur Neto contracted list in the Superior Electoral Court website (TSE). Arthur hired by R $ 120.800,00 the IBOPE to perform "internal research". See the contracted list Artur Neto – click here

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