evidence of irregularities in campaign donations exceed R $ 1 billion

Among the irregularities is a case, company whose partner is a beneficiary of Bolsa Família.
18/10/2016 11h19 - Updated 18/10/2016 11h19
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The sixth beat Union's Court of Auditors' information (TCU) on the Municipal Elections 2016, delivered to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), It reveals that considerably increased the volume of possible irregularities in revenues and election campaign expenses. The total suspect reaches R $ 1,041 billion, that is, almost half of the amount collected by candidates and parties, which is R $ 2,615 billion.

In the beggining of september, second list submitted by the TCU, the sum of suspicious amounts corresponded to about R $ 116 millions. A week later, the amount already surpassed R $ 275 millions, reaching R $ 388 millions on 19 and more than R $ 554 million at end of month. In early October, the value exceeded the home of R $ 659 millions.


According to the latest report TCU, from the evidence most relevant irregularities of expenditure declared to the Electoral Court, is the advertising agency with only two employees hired to campaign in the amount of R $ 219 one thousand. In another case, one production company whose partner is a beneficiary of Bolsa Família has served the amount of R $ 3.570.000,00.

The evidence involving donations to campaigns, It is the physical person receiving Bolsa Familia and made donation of R $ 75 millions, another donor who donated R $ 50 millions without income support and a mayor who donated R $ 60 million to its municipal directory. Besides that, the number of deceased donors rose to 290.
The list of points TCU, still, the amount of suspected cases reaches 259.968.


The information is results from an unpublished work data matching provided by the partnership between the TSE and various public agencies to monitor the accountability of candidates and curb electoral crimes in the campaign period.

Upon receiving the document, the Court immediately shared the material with the Electoral Prosecutor (MPE). Suspicions around the Bolsa Familia Program beneficiaries were also shared with the Ministry of Social Development and Agrarian (MDS).

According to Instruction No. 18, edited by TSE 16 August this year, the evidence of irregularities will be available to election judges for priority investigation, within five days from the case of knowledge.

Because it is evidence of irregularities yet to be properly assessed, the names of donors and recipients and any detailing of the information will not be disclosed by the Electoral Court.

Source: TSE

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