INEP discloses list of best public and private schools in Amazonas evaluated in Enem

The School Idaam, private institution, reached 659,29 points average. The best public school was the Colegio Militar de Manaus, in 1025ª position and 601,03 points.
04/10/2016 15h38 - Updated 4/10/2016 15h42
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The list released on Tuesday (4) the National Institute of Educational Studies Teixeira (INEP) shows the 10 best public and private schools in Amazonas evaluated in the National High School Exam (one).

According to INEP School Idaam, Private and urban institution located in Manaus, better evaluated in Enem and occupies the 104th position in the national ranking, with 659,29 points average.

Among the public schools, the institution that achieved the best performance in the Enem was the Military College of Manaus, who held the position in the ranking 1025ª Brazil, It was between the 7th 10 State best and managed 601,03 points. Across the Amazon, between the 50 schools with the highest average, nine are public.

Check out the list of the best public and private schools in Amazonas:
1) Idaam schools, Manaus, private and urban, 104th position, with 659,29 points;
2) Laviniense Integrated Education and Pingo de Gente, Manaus, private and urban, 166th position, with 649,76 points;
3) Educational center Sensu Lato, Manaus, private and urban, 228th position, with 642,27 points;
4) Fundacao Nokia de Ensino, Manaus, private and urban, 323th position, 632,71 points;
5) Educ center. Sensu Lato II, Manaus, private and urban, 347th position, 630,53 points;
6) Education Center Adalberto Valle Unit I, Manaus, private and urban, 1014th position, 601,27 points;
7) Military College of Manaus, federal e urbana, 1025th position, 601,03 points;
8) College Pallas Athene, Manaus, private and urban, 1603th position, 584,46 points;
9) Idaam schools - Unit Djalma Batista, Manaus, private and urban, 2540Th position and with 565,55 points;
10) Esc. East. Tempo Integral Marcantonio Vilaca II, Manaus, state and urban, 2763Th position and with 561,69 points.

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