medical and legal institutions work together to fight the illegal plastic surgery

Among the main objectives of the document is the search for the supervision of grooming practices of patients through illegal clinics.
14/10/2016 17h41 - Updated 14/10/2016 17h41
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The Order of Lawyers of Brazil Sectional Amazon (OAB / AM) promoted, on the afternoon of Friday (14), the meeting between leaders of medical and legal institutions to discuss the establishment of the Civil Inquiry that seeks to determine the increase in the number of deaths of Brazilian patients undergoing plastic surgeries performed in Venezuela.

Among the main objectives of the document is the search for overseeing recruitment of patients through illegal clinical practice and awareness of the importance of performing procedures with medical plastic surgeons specialists and recognized quality prostheses.

They attended the meeting the president of the OAB / AM, Marco Aurélio Choy, the chairman and vice-chairman of the Medical Law and Health OAB / AM, Lidice Langbeck and Onilda Abreu, President of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP), Luciano Chaves, the Legal Coordinator of the Brazilian Medical Association (WITH), Carlos Magno Michaelis Jr., as well as representatives of the Amazonas State Prosecutor (MPE-AM), Amazon Court (TJAM) and Regional Council of Medicine (CRM).

In this ocasion, President of SBCP, Luciano Chaves, He drew attention to the significant increase in the number of patients with severe sequelae and deaths registered in recent months. Second or doctor, They were recorded 16 deaths 12 months and over 100 Patients entries in the Brazilian public health with serious consequences, from illegal medical procedures.

"There is a bookies organization that is selling the dream of plastic surgery success. This conviction of these criminals work is done on uninformed patients, who are convinced by an advertising discourse that sells cosmetic procedures at low prices and with facilities that end up winning the patients. We need to carry out an awareness campaign together with all agencies to bring quality information to these people ", He stressed.

According to Luciano Chaves, enticement of patients has occurred through social networks, especially on pages on Facebook and Whatsapp.

Another issue discussed during the meeting was the need for research on trafficking in organs, in view of the withdrawal of allegations of human organs and tissues without the consent of relatives of Brazilian patients undergoing surgery in Venezuela. Complaints intensified after the notification of the case Dioneide Milk, who came will die during plastic surgery and arrived in Brazil without the kidneys.

at the meeting, the present authorities have pledged to cooperate in the complaints, research and public awareness of the risks of illegal procedures, thus determining the formation of a continuous working group on combating grooming practices of patients and medical crimes.

"The OAB-AM through Health and Medical Law Commission has been closely monitoring this issue which is very serious because it is claiming lives of many women. We will provide all necessary support for this task force can get to those responsible ", these Choy.

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