Justice requires attendance Health Secretary to Aleam

Pedro Elias, should provide information to the Legislature within 10 days, under penalty of a daily fine of R $ 5 thousand if you do not comply with the decision.
13/10/2016 16h44 - Updated 13/10/2016 16h44
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The head of the Secretariat of State for Health, Pedro Elias, should provide information to the Legislature within 10 days, under penalty of a daily fine of R $ 5 thousand if you do not comply with the decision of Judge John Mauro Bessa. The judge granted an injunction to the writ of mandamus filed by state Rep Alessandra Campêlo (PMDB), the biggest criticism of Pedro Elias management in mustered folder in the investigation of Operation Bad Paths, pointing the diversion of more than R $ 112 million from the State Health Fund.

no day 19 of August (a month before the outbreak of operation), parliamentary filed an injunction requesting an injunction against the secretary based on the Access to Information Act (No law 12.527/11). According to Mrs, the holder of Susam does not answer the letters sent in which requests information about the state of health structures, including contracts listed companies investigated by the joint investigation of the Federal Police, Comptroller General of the Union and the IRS.

The injunction was processed in the Amazon Court of Justice and the injunction requires the Secretary to provide all the information requested by the deputy Susam. At the same time, the decision of TJAM strengthens the oversight role of Assembly, in contrast to the conduct of the Secretary Pedro Elias, who missed four times the scheduled debates in Parliament after Operation Maus Paths.

"It's a win, because the secretary completely ignores the received expedients. It is noteworthy that the State of Amazonas is one of the least transparent of Brazil, according to the Federal Public Ministry and the Ministry of Transparency ", said Alessandra.

Congresswoman adds that, as public manager, the secretary has an obligation to provide information to society and parliamentarians engaged in the inspection activity of public management.

Reasons for action
Disrespecting the Access to Information Act, Pedro Elias secretary did not respond to several offices of Congresswoman, including issues such as late payment of outsourced employee salaries, the return of the care of CKD patients, the withdrawal of Manacapuru ambulances, the lack of drugs in health facilities and the closure of laboratory activities Polyclinic Gilberto Mestrinho (Avenue Getulio Vargas, Center).

crafts, Alessandra requested information on services from companies investigated by the Federal Police. This is the case of Salvare and Total Health. With the injunction, the secretary will now have to explain about the reasons that led to the chaos of public health of the state.

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