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Law to combat human trafficking takes effect in Brazil

The law also provides care and protection measures for victims of such crime.
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Signed by President Michel Temer, the law that represses and stiffens penalties for those who commit domestic and international trafficking in persons was published in the Official Gazette today's Union (7). The law also provides care and protection measures for victims of such crime. Known as Legal Framework for Combating Trafficking in Persons, the new law establishes, as National Day to Combat Trafficking in Persons, O 30 July.

According to the new law, the crime of trafficking in persons shall be included in the Penal Code, typified by actions aimed at "agenciar, entice, recruit, transport, transfer, to buy, harbors or receives a person, by serious threat, violence, coercion, fraud or abuse ".

The text details what are the purposes of this practice. These include the removal of organs, tissue or any part of the body; to bring the person to any form of servitude or work in conditions analogous to slavery; the illegal adoption and, Lastly, the sexual exploitation.

The penalties range from four to eight years, It can be extended in some specific cases, if the crime has been committed by public officials or involving children, teenagers or elderly. It is also planned to pay fines.

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